May, 8 Posted by Admin

We apologize for the delay in getting news articles added for Elle lately. That’s coming as well as getting the gallery straightened out, it kinda put us behind a bit on updating things.

Feb, 23 Posted by Admin

Seems our photo gallery is having issues and we lost some of the photos, so we’ll be going through and re-uploading all of them soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dec, 3 Posted by Admin

We’re working hard to get all the pictures of Elle Fanning up and all the information on her finished. We apologize for the lack of updating.

Sep, 10 Posted by Admin

The news and all of Elle will be updated soon, sorry for the lack of them. We are doing an overhaul of this site in hopes to get it back to its previous state. If you have any photos, videos or news you’d like to share, please send it to us –

Jul, 6 Posted by Admin

The Biography is being put up, and the rest about Elle Fanning will be added next. After that, we’ll be adding things on her career, which is her filmography and such. Then we will be going through the gallery and updating all the missing photos. Thanks for being patient with us and sorry for any inconvenience.