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Elle was seen a week ago, while she was vacationing in Italy with friends, wearing a hot pink bikini that she stole from her sister Dakota. What she wrote on her Instagram is below, along with Dakota’s comment. Be sure to head over to our gallery for the latest photos! Don’t forget to follow us on twitter to keep up with Elle!

Elle Fanning

The pictures you take and the pose you make when you know you stole your sister’s bathing suit and got away with it! MWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH.” – Elle wrote
“It’s fine. I have 3 with me and they are all yours,” with a sassy emoji. – Dakota wrote

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As we all know Elle celebrated her 21st birthday for several days, from a dinner with family, to a huge dinner with family and friends to a trip to Las Vegas. I’ve added all the photos in the gallery so be sure to check them out! I’m also updating the gallery while there aren’t a lot of updates so be sure to check out the gallery and the site daily for some old and new photos!

Elle Fanning Elle Fanning Elle Fanning Elle Fanning Elle Fanning

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Elle’s stylist Samantha McMillen posted her Cannes Diary on Vogue with all the photos featuring Elle during the Cannes Film Festival so make sure to check it out, you can find all the photos in the gallery while you can read here below the small article that Vogue posted with the photos.

The 2017 Cannes Film Festival may be over, but its red carpet standouts will be revisited for years to come. This time, all eyes were on Elle Fanning. To promote her new films, Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled and How to Talk to Girls at Parties, the actress debuted an eclectic wardrobe that put her style in the spotlight. “We consider the Cannes red carpet to be the most important and fashionable of the year for the film industry,” says Samantha McMillen, Fanning’s stylist. “It’s a letdown if you don’t wear something really special, memorable, and important.” That meant a sartorial strategy that began and ended with custom designs, from a hand-painted Vivienne Westwood dress with a unicorn motif (Elle’s favorite mythical creature) to a lavender Rodarte princess gown for the grand finale.
“You have to have options, you know,” McMillen explains, referring to the 23 suitcases they brought to spend 10 days in the South of France. “Dress like you’re in the French Riviera—choose fun accessories and always have a great pair of sunglasses.” It took two months to craft the pitch-perfect getaway wardrobe, sending each other runway inspiration looks in between fittings. At a photo-call for How to Talk to Girls at Parties, for example, Fanning wore a Prada shift with a woman’s portrait screen-printed on the front and back, a nod to the film’s offbeat futuristic setting. They took a similarly considered approach to the premiere of The Beguiled. Fanning’s character, Alicia, wears lavender for much of the movie, and designers Laura and Kate Mulleavy wove the shade into that ball gown. “They put so much thought and heart and love into their designs,” McMillen says of working with the Rodarte sisters. “So unique and original—just like Elle.”
Though each look was tailored to the occasion, the common thread was a certain timeless appeal. Recalling the iconic photos of Cannes red carpets past, which line the halls of local hotels, McMillen says, “The goal for me is that if you do see her photo on the wall in years to come, it will stand the test of time.” Above, McMillen shares an inside look at how Fanning’s Cannes wardrobe came together with behind-the-scenes snaps on La Croisette and beyond.- VOGUE

I’ve also added more photos from “How To Talk To Girls At Parties” after party at the Cannes Film Festival.

Elle Fanning Elle Fanning Elle Fanning Elle Fanning Elle Fanning