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While Elle is in Cannes she is doing a lot of interviews and photoshoots, the first one by Stephane Feugere for WWD is finally out.

WWD: You donated to the #MeToo movement, do you feel like you’re part of a generation of actors who are going to live a different experience, now that it’s a new era?
E.F.: I do, I feel strongly about that. I know these kinds of things take a long time and can’t happen over night. My generation is very outspoken in such a great way, we are not afraid to speak the truth and speak our minds, and that’s important. I think for a long time a lot of things have been covered up and hidden, and finally we’re lifting the curtain on all of those things. – Read more

There’s also some great news about Elle‘s new movies! “Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil” has now two new official posters that you can find in the gallery. “A Rainy Day in New York” will be released in Europe this autumn and the first official poster just came out. Be sure to check out the gallery for all the latest photos and Elle Fanning Source is now on twitter so be sure to follow us!

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