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Elle is on the cover of LOVE Magazine spring/summer issue that comes out this month. The magazine features a new photoshoot by Alasdair McLellan so make sure to check out the gallery for the newest photos. Here below you can enjoy a small video and a small part of Elle’s interview with the LOVE magazine and Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez: ‘Elle, when we’ve spoken before we always talk about the women who have inspired us along the way, the women who have shaped us…’
Elle Fanning: ‘I know – we’re always having the most intensive conversations in such random places! I feel I owe a great deal to those who have been around me while I grew up. I have had so many strong women in my life. My grandmother, Mary Jane, is a person who had just always been there I needed someone. I really hate auditions, for example, I’ll never forget at one audition when I was 12 I was just not having a good time at all – in fact, I fainted. My grandmother took me to Burger King to make me feel better, rather than scolding me for messing up. Such a simple act of kindness stayed with me.’
LOVE: You first met one another on the set of Woody Allen’s new movie, A Rainy Day in New York. How was the whole, now infamous, audition process?
EF: ‘Auditions are such awkward things for me anyway. The funny thing is, Selena and I didn’t have any scenes together. I came in for a wardrobe fitting and Selena was there on her first day in the trailer and we just started chatting. But we were in New York together and filming in New York can feel very different – especially when Selena was there on set as there were crazy paparazzi. They can get really close, which can be distracting and intrusive. But you have to shut them out and not pay attention to the cameras- well, apart from the one they’re filming the movie with.’ – READ MORE

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