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Welwyn Hatfield Times – In December 2018, a TV production crew arrived in Hatfield to shoot scenes for the pilot episode of a new Russian period drama with a difference.

The show, The Great, is a satirical, comedic drama about the rise of Catherine the Great from outsider to the longest reigning female ruler in Russia’s history.

It is a modern love story that incorporates historical facts… occasionally!

Written by the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of The Favourite, which was also filmed on location at Hatfield House, the series starts on Channel 4 on Sunday, January 3 at 9pm.

The Great stars Elle Fanning as Catherine, who arrives in Russia for an arranged marriage to the mercurial Emperor Peter, played by Nicholas Hoult.

Best known for playing Aurora in the Maleficent movies, Hollywood actress Elle Fanning plays the idealistic, romantic young girl who becomes Empress Catherine.

Describing the 10-part comedy drama, Elle said: “The Great is a historical satire that follows Catherine the Great’s rise to power in 18th century Russia.

“Catherine is an idealistic young woman who finds herself in a backwards world, married to a tyrant.

“She quickly realizes she would be a better ruler and plots to take over the throne.

“Catherine is romantic and naive at the start, but throughout the series her ruthlessness grows.”

Elle signed up for the project after reading Tony McNamara’s script. The Australian also co-wrote The Favourite starring Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz, Emma Stone and Nicholas Hoult.

“I was drawn to Tony McNamara’s singular voice,” said Elle, who also executive produced the first series of The Great.

“The tone and world he created was one I had never read before. The effortless blend of dark, bizarre comedy and emotional realism.”

“I read the script before I saw The Favourite, so I really had nothing to compare it to. The elaborate period setting, over-the-top situations, yet still grounded characters all set in a high stakes environment. He truly is a writing genius!”

“Above all, Catherine as a character was what made me have to be a part of the show. She is such a dichotomy of a person.”

“Each page surprised me with what she was willing to do. Tony captured her struggle as a woman trying to navigate a patriarchal society and not always succeeding.”

“She isn’t a perfect character. She is learning as she goes along with the guidance from the court.”

From Civic Center Media in association with MRC Television, The Great is a fictionalized, fun, rude and anachronistic story. The script knowingly plays fast and loose with history.

“Very early on, Tony told us to put away our history books,” said Elle.

“I wanted to create my own version of Catherine. I still approached her like I would any character.”

“I guess the most different was it being a 10-hour series instead of a two-hour film.”

“Having the luxury to explore and pace myself with a character was a blessing. Tony is also super strict with our lines. There is absolutely no ad libbing!”

“In a way, being married to the words makes for a whole other kind of freedom. Freedom in the movement and in the rhythm of scenes.”

Elle wasn’t fully aware of the real Catherine’s achievements before filming.

“I knew she was the Empress of Russia, but I did not realize all the amazing things she did for her country.”

“Sadly, the world has reduced her legacy to a false rumor about her and a horse. She brought art, science, and women’s education to Russia.”

“And she invented the roller coaster! I stopped there once I learned that. Anyone who invents the roller coaster has got to be fun!”

The Great does play loose with history. Our show is by no means a historical document, but hopefully captures the essence of the real Catherine the Great and what she achieved and stood for.”

Then there’s the terrific period costumes, although wearing the corsets were a chore.

“The costumes are drop dead gorgeous,” said Elle. “I wish I could say they were as comfortable as they were beautiful.”

“The corsets take some getting used to. I do not envy the ladies of the time.”

“All of us women were so jealous of Nick [Hoult] and the other guys because they would saunter around shirtless or in robes!”

“Corsets aside, the way my costumes tell Catherine’s journey is vital.”

“Her silhouettes stay pretty simple and practical compared to the ladies of the Russian court.”

“My main colors were pale blue and green. But of course, at the end there is an electric pink dress (my favorite) that summarizes Catherine perfectly.”

“It is her birthday dress and the dress she’s going to kill her husband in! It encapsulates her femininity, youth, and boldness.”