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Elle did a new photoshoot with Paley Fairman for “Who What Wear” to promote her latest movie “Teen Spirit“. Be sure to check out the gallery for the newest photos!

“I have always wanted to be able to sing in a film because growing up I sang at school all the time,” she says. “Even with this part, I was not on the radar for them to even cast me… I saw a press release about the film and that’s when I was like, ‘What is this movie about a girl who tries out for a singing competition?’ So I was the one who had to kind of chase after it and Max [Mingehlla] then was like, ‘Okay. We’ll send you the script.’” – Read more

Remember that the “Teen Spirit” soundtrack is out, so be sure to grab or download your own copy!

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Elle did a new wonderful photoshoot with Gizelle Hernandez for Billboard to promote “Teen Spirit”. She looks stunning in all the photos so be sure to check them out!

“People know me mostly from Maleficent,” she says, referring to the 2014 Disney film co-starring Angelina Jolie, though she arguably has distinguished herself more in indie fare like Somewhere and 20th Century Women. “Max never thought of me.” Her team reached out to Minghella with Fanning’s sparse musical résumé: In 2016, she had joined her friend, the neo-folk musician Woodkid, onstage at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland for a rendition of his “Never Let You Down.”
Music producer Marius de Vries, who worked with Emma Stone on La La Land, would later point out to Fanning all the things she did wrong during that performance. “He was like, ‘Look at this posture,’” she recalls, laughing. “I’m totally concave and, like, scared.” Nonetheless, after meeting with him and Minghella, she scored the part. “Her voice was very charismatic,” says de Vries. (“If there were 100 people in the room, Marius was my one,” jokes Fanning, quoting Lady Gaga’s infamous A Star Is Born press tour soundbite.) But, he adds, “we both realized we had a lot of work to do if she was going to sing this repertoire.” – READ MORE

Elle Fanning Elle Fanning Elle Fanning Elle Fanning Elle Fanning

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Elle attended the Third Annual ‘InStyle Awards’ in Los Angeles yesterday where she was honored with the Breakthrough Style Star award.

On Monday night inside Los Angeles’s Getty Center, Elle Fanning took the stage to accept the award for Breakthrough Style Star. Clearly, she’s incredibly deserving of the award considering she arrived in a fantastically sexy Versace dress—straight off the spring 2018 runway—covered with Marilyn Monroe’s face on it.
And while her red carpet look was unarguably memorable, it was her speech that won us over. On stage, Fanning thanked her stylist, Samantha McMillen, along with her mom. But she also thanked one surprising character: Sesame Street’s Big Bird.
“Fashion has been something that’s just always inspired me and been such a big kind of creative outlet for me to be able to tell my story, tell my personality through what I want to wear that day,” Fanning began.
She proceeded to tell the tale of a time in the 7th grade when she chose to experiment with daring fashion. “We had these things called Free Dress Fridays at our school, ‘cause we went to a school that had uniforms,” she told the A-list crowd. “I remember picking out, laying out my clothes down to, like, the right color socks that you would never see, but I knew they were there.”
So what outfit has she never forgotten?
“I bought this Opening Ceremony top that was light pink and it had Big Bird on it, like little Big Birds all over the top, and I was like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna wear this with these bell-bottom jeans and these platform shoes,” she continued.
“I went to school and I was brutally made fun of,” she said, explaining that she considered changing her style after her classmates didn’t approve. The results? She said changing her look didn’t make her feel like herself, so she hasn’t since, crediting the evening’s Versace number as a risk-taking dress.
“I pushed it. We’re going for it! Thank you for that,” she said. “Now, thanks to Big Bird and to Samantha and to InStyle and my mom…[this] is dedicated to all those high school kids.”
Talk about coming full circle.INSTYLE

The gallery has been updated with some photos, I will add more pics soon so keep on checking it out!

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It has been confirmed that Elle will be in Woody Allen’s next movie with Selena Gomez and Timothée Chalamet.

Selena Gomez is joining Timothée Chalamet and Elle Fanning in Woody Allen’s upcoming film.
The logline for the currently untitled project, which will be released by Amazon Studios, is being kept under wraps, as has been the pattern with most of the filmmaker’s movies.
Fanning was most recently seen in Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled with Nicole Kidman. Her other upcoming films include Mary Shelley, which will play next month at the Toronto International Film Festival; Reed Morano’s I Think We’re Alone Now; Mélanie Laurent’s Galveston; and Max Minghella’s Teen Spirit. She is repped by WME and Echo Lake Entertainment.- The Hollywood Reporter

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Elle’s latest campaign for Tiffany & Co is finally here and looks amazing!

Shot by Inez and Vinoodh, the portrait campaign brought together six unique personalities, each styled with iconic Tiffany pieces from the brand’s 180-year-rich history: Ballet dancer David Hallberg, musician St. Vincent, model/activist Cameron Russell, and actresses Zoe Kravitz, Janelle Monáe, and Elle Fanning.
To celebrate the stunning campaign, we chatted with Elle Fanning, who was abroad in London at the time, filming her next big project.
“This is my third campaign that I got to do with [Tiffany & Co.]. The Tiffany family is so warm, and you can really feel the love all around the brand,” Fanning said of her ongoing relationship with the jewelry maker.
In her campaign imagery, Fanning appears playful, smiling with her eyes closed while wearing a pink ostrich feather dress and charm necklace adorned with multiple Tiffany Keys.
“My first piece of jewelry was a piece of Tiffany jewelry. I remember I did a movie with Kim Basinger (The Door in the Floor) when I was 4 years old, and as a wrap gift, she gave me a Tiffany charm bracelet,” the actress recalled. “Ever since that, my mom carried on this tradition of every year, for a birthday or a special occasion, I get a Tiffany charm to go on that bracelet. It’s completely filled with all these memories, which is what Tiffany represents. When you get that little blue box it means that someone you have a special connection with is giving you something that you’re going to have forever.”- InStyle

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Elle’s stylist Samantha McMillen posted her Cannes Diary on Vogue with all the photos featuring Elle during the Cannes Film Festival so make sure to check it out, you can find all the photos in the gallery while you can read here below the small article that Vogue posted with the photos.

The 2017 Cannes Film Festival may be over, but its red carpet standouts will be revisited for years to come. This time, all eyes were on Elle Fanning. To promote her new films, Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled and How to Talk to Girls at Parties, the actress debuted an eclectic wardrobe that put her style in the spotlight. “We consider the Cannes red carpet to be the most important and fashionable of the year for the film industry,” says Samantha McMillen, Fanning’s stylist. “It’s a letdown if you don’t wear something really special, memorable, and important.” That meant a sartorial strategy that began and ended with custom designs, from a hand-painted Vivienne Westwood dress with a unicorn motif (Elle’s favorite mythical creature) to a lavender Rodarte princess gown for the grand finale.
“You have to have options, you know,” McMillen explains, referring to the 23 suitcases they brought to spend 10 days in the South of France. “Dress like you’re in the French Riviera—choose fun accessories and always have a great pair of sunglasses.” It took two months to craft the pitch-perfect getaway wardrobe, sending each other runway inspiration looks in between fittings. At a photo-call for How to Talk to Girls at Parties, for example, Fanning wore a Prada shift with a woman’s portrait screen-printed on the front and back, a nod to the film’s offbeat futuristic setting. They took a similarly considered approach to the premiere of The Beguiled. Fanning’s character, Alicia, wears lavender for much of the movie, and designers Laura and Kate Mulleavy wove the shade into that ball gown. “They put so much thought and heart and love into their designs,” McMillen says of working with the Rodarte sisters. “So unique and original—just like Elle.”
Though each look was tailored to the occasion, the common thread was a certain timeless appeal. Recalling the iconic photos of Cannes red carpets past, which line the halls of local hotels, McMillen says, “The goal for me is that if you do see her photo on the wall in years to come, it will stand the test of time.” Above, McMillen shares an inside look at how Fanning’s Cannes wardrobe came together with behind-the-scenes snaps on La Croisette and beyond.- VOGUE

I’ve also added more photos from “How To Talk To Girls At Parties” after party at the Cannes Film Festival.

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Never one to submit to the siren call of a transformative contouring job, Fanning joined the festival’s 70th-anniversary gala with trademark fresh skin that was finished with just a wash of peony blush and a soft lip stain.

But a standout Cannes moment is nothing if about the right hair. Woven into the simplest of braids as though it had been quickly crafted on her way to the event, her look took a winning turn with the help of one scene-stealing accessory: a slim silk ribbon in—what else?—millennial pink. Who knew a game-changing hair trick was just a bow away? – Vogue

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Unlike her big sister Dakota, Elle Fanning says she has no plans of heading off to college anytime soon. She recently turned 18 and told Entertainment Tonight that she wants to focus on work instead of school — this semester, at least.

“For this year, I’m not going at the moment because I’m starting a film and I don’t think it would be fair… I wouldn’t really be there,” Elle said. “If I went, I would want to kind of have the college experience.”

She recently wrapped Ben Affleck’s new project, Live By Night, a film set in the 1920s about a police captain’s son who becomes a rum-running bootlegger.

“It’s insane because he wrote it and directed it and he’s starring in the movie…so you’re acting with the director. It’s crazy!” she explained. “I would love to direct one day, so for me, seeing that I mean, he’s thinking like a mile-a-minute about everything. It’s pretty insane. So that was really, really cool to see.”

Going to college is a huge decision, and sounds like Elle is making the right choice, for now. So, we’re pretty sure there’s no class on “how to write, direct, and star in a major motion picture” at NYU, where Dakota went.


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The first look picture of Elle from her upcoming project, “The Neon Demon” has been released. Along with an article about Amazon acquiring the US rights to the film.



AMAZON STUDIOS has acquired Nicolas Winding Refn’s anticipated THE NEON DEMON and will release it theatrically Stateside next summer.

“The Neon Demon” is being jointly handled by Gaumont and Wild Bunch, who previously joined forces on Refn’s last film “Only God Forgives,” which competed at Cannes Film Festival in 2013. Gaumont and Wild Bunch co-financed and will co-distribute “The Neon Demon.”

The Neon Demon” centers on an aspiring model who moves to Los Angeles where her youth and vitality are devoured by a group of beauty-obsessed women who will go to any lengths to get what she has.

Co-written by Mary Laws and Refn, “The Neon Demon” stars Elle Fanning, Keanu Reeves, Christina Hendricks and Jena Malone, Abbey Lee, Bela Heathcoat.

Speaking about the genesis of the film, Refn said, “One morning I woke and realized I was both surrounded and dominated by women. Strangely, a sudden urge was planted in me to make a horror film about vicious beauty.”

After making DRIVE and falling madly in love with the electricity of Los Angeles, I knew I had to return to tell the story of THE NEON DEMON.”

Refn’s partner, Lene Borglum (“Valhalla Rising,” “Only God Forgives”) produced under their Danish banner Space Rocket.

Refn won best director at Cannes in 2011 with Ryan-Gosling starrer “Drive” which has become a near-cult movie and a major critical success.

The Neon Demon” brings together Refn’s regular creative team: Editor Matthew Newman and composer Cliff Martinez. “The Rover” cinematographer Natasha Braier completes the key crew.

The deal was negotiated by Gaumont ‘s Cecile Gaget and WildBunch ‘s Vincent Maraval/Carole Baraton on behalf of the director.

Amazon Studios was launched in June to acquire original movies for theatrical release and early-window distribution on Amazon Prime Instant Video. “The Neon Demon” is one of the first acquisitions scored by the banner. Their first release will be Spike Lee ‘s pic next month.